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Calling female volunteers - We need you!

Calling female volunteers - We need you!

Peter May21 Feb - 13:15
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As we head towards England hosting the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2025, we want to get more females involved.

Not just players but all the volunteer support groups in the female and other sections of the senior club.

Play to your strengths, be it organising, photography, journalism, social platforms, coaching or refereeing. Rugby has a playing position for every player. Much like rugby, volunteering is the same and there is a job with your name on it. We want girls to see strong female role models doing a range of activities. The growth of female rugby is across all aspects of the game, not just players. Be a part and help grow the game.

We currently do not have any female coaches or referees within the female section. Could you be the first? Don’t worry you wouldn’t be left on your own coaching a squad or expected to referee a 1st team game. You would be supported. Start as an assistant coach, go on coaching courses (funded by the Club), watch, learn, be mentored.

As a referee you can start with whatever you feel comfortable with, an age grade game, until your knowledge and confidence grows. There are courses and support networks to help you progress as a coach or a referee. Please see the RFU link below:

Research has shown that by the time they are teenagers, many girls have decided that they do not ‘belong’ in sport. We at Kettering Rugby Club want to tackle this head on and support girls to see and feel that rugby is place where they can thrive. Be involved to support girls, to live their best lives playing rugby.

If you can spare any time to be a volunteer then please get in contact with Steve Love from the girls academy or Peter May for all other sections of the Club.

Please note that although we are trying to recruit more female volunteers, we would never turn away any volunteer. Volunteers are one of the most valuable asset to any club.

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