KRFC Mini/Junior Rugby 1 of 9

1. The Game

Mini Rugby is a game based on the full 15 a side game we see on TV. In the Mini game the rules have been designed to make the game safer and to encourage the development of skills. The rules of the game change as players get older, gradually preparing young players so that when they reach secondary school they are ready to play the full 15 a side game.

Mini Rugby is fast, rough, muddy and enormously good fun to play. It's a real team game where new players are quickly incorporated according to their abilities and where fun is more important than winning.

Many people watching Rugby on TV find its tactics and rules complicated and difficult to understand. Mini Rugby is a much simpler, safer and shorter game. As players develop over the years more components are added to this basic game. No kicking or contested scrummaging is allowed until Y6 (U11) when modified versions are introduced.

Teamwork is an integral part of Rugby and understanding its laws and tactics is a big part of the game. This for some children adds to the challenge and interest of the sport. Rugby is not just a physical sport, thinking is as much a part of the game as running.